Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday 26th May - Comparison


  1. Wow! Wow! Awesome! Wow! Dunno what else really covers it but WOW!! Good on you! Kate (kittie444)

  2. Oh Jo, what a change :o)

    you certainly have got it going on *wink*

    I think you should shorten your skirt length and show off you fantstic pins!!!

    Shona xox

  3. For once in my life I am SPEECHLESS.....God you look skinny, amazing job, well done.

  4. Hiya Jo! Long time know see! Dont know if you remember me but Im Kelly off trademe with Isabella,I had RNY too comming up 18mths ago and have lost 117 kilos!! Did Schroder do yours in Hamilton? Hes lovely ah! Take care,you are looking gorgeous! Im a size 12 sometimes a 10 now and have been for the past year,I was back up to a size 32! Love and Luck Kelly xxx